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Портмоне PIQUADROBuy Piquadro bags, wallets, business and travel accessories from the official online store. Special discounts and promotions. Портмоне и кошельки мужские Piquadro по цене от руб. Настоящие брендовые аксессуары для создания стильного образа. Официальный.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality Портмоне PIQUADRO this website. The Piquadro newsletter keeps you up to date on all the news, collections and exclusive promos reserved for subscribers only, so Портмоне PIQUADRO can have the world at your fingertips.

Register today! Register now Портмоне PIQUADRO receive a code for free shipping on your next order, with no purchase limit. The registered office Портмоне PIQUADRO in Silla di Gaggio Montano, Loc. The email address is piquadro piquadro.

Any dispute that may arise Портмоне PIQUADRO the completion, interpretation and execution of a Портмоне PIQUADRO stipulated via Piquadro e-commerce will be referred to the sole jurisdiction of the Italian judicial authorities.

All orders that do not have the characteristics listed above will not be accepted, and if they are accepted, Piquadro may be consider them invalid and ineffectual.

Piquadro reserves the right to not process orders that do not have the characteristics listed above. Piquadro Портмоне PIQUADRO apply special promotions to one or more Портмоне PIQUADRO on the website that alter their prices.

The essential characteristics of the products and prices are provided Портмоне PIQUADRO the product sheet on the website, to which the user must gain Портмоне PIQUADRO before executing the order.

The images of the products might not fully match the actual products. If someone is not at the address indicated for collection, an address other than that of residence where the required condition is met must be indicated; - Piquadro will normally process the order within 48 hours after receiving Портмоне PIQUADRO confirmation.

The estimated time for Портмоне PIQUADRO depends on the carrier selected. Once shipment has been made, Piquadro will also automatically send an email containing all information the user needs to track the order, including the direct link to the portal of DHL or the other carrier selected for immediate checking of the delivery Dahua Мониторы видеонаблюдения. In any case, the products will be delivered in the shortest time possible and within the legal deadline i.

To check which Портмоне PIQUADRO to which shipments can be Портмоне PIQUADRO, Click here. It is understood that orders coming from countries other than those indicated and having characteristics different from those described above in terms of quantity and shipping address shall in no case whatsoever be accepted.

Портмоне Piquadro

Both operations must be carried out following нажмите чтобы узнать больше instructions provided on the website.

If the user has selected the option described in foregoing point b iiPiquadro will refund the user the payments made in connection with the cancelled order, including the delivery costs, without undue delay and, in any case, not after 14 days from cancellation of the order, using the same means of payment the user used for the initial transaction.

The user will be sent an order confirmation via email with Портмоне PIQUADRO the источник статьи data of the order. Registered Портмоне PIQUADRO can also view these data in the My Piquadro section.

If the product price has already been paid, Piquadro will return the paid sum. In this case, Piquadro shall owe nothing by way of compensation for damages or any Портмоне PIQUADRO right. The warranty does not cover damage caused by mistreatment of the Нажмите чтобы увидеть больше, misuse, accidents, water, solvents, wear and tear, damage caused by carriers and, in any case, damage arising from third-party factors not attributable to compliance defects of the products.

Without prejudice to cases of fraud or gross negligence, Портмоне PIQUADRO caused by compliance defects of the Products and that consist of the loss of the product content and those consequent to the impossibility to use the product shall however not be refunded.

The user may register with Piquadro Club by totally filling in, signing and returning the form in the product tag inside the Piquadro package. As an alternative, the user may also register online on website www.

It is necessary to totally fill Портмоне PIQUADRO the specially provided Портмоне PIQUADRO form and send it by читать далее or email to the Piquadro customer service department.

Портмоне и кошельки для мужчин Piquadro

The form must be accompanied by one of the documents listed above. Only after the requested documents have been properly and totally received will Piquadro issue a return authorisation number that the user must affix to the package with which the product is ссылка на продолжение. In this case, the transport costs will be borne by Piquadro.

Warranty claims submitted in another manner will not Портмоне PIQUADRO accepted. If, then, the user is mistakenly admitted to Портмоне PIQUADRO service, Piquadro may charge the user the transport costs borne. Repairs no under warranty will start only when Piquadro receives the approval in writing of the cost estimate sent by the user.

The amount of the order will be debited on the credit car only at time Портмоне PIQUADRO shipment.

Payment for orders is made outside the Piquadro systems inside the Setefi and Paypal serversso it is in no way the data controller or processor of the bank data or data of страница credit card with which payment is made.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, the purchaser must send a notice by registered letter with advice of receipt, in which he Портмоне PIQUADRO she explicitly declares the wish to return the product s ordered within 14 days from the date Портмоне PIQUADRO Портмоне PIQUADRO are received.

In Портмоне PIQUADRO case multiple products have been purchased, withdrawal may be exercised also for just some of them. If the right of Портмоне PIQUADRO is exercised, the user must return the purchased product to Piquadro at his or her expense by sending it to Piquadro within 14 days from the date the right of withdrawal is exercised.

In order to be able to return the purchased products, they must arrive at the above-mentioned address in a perfect state of preservation. The product must be sent back Портмоне PIQUADRO the original product packaging and with the product tag. To return the product, the steps listed in the return procedure must be followed.

They are found in the FAQ section. Only if the original packing is unusable Портмоне PIQUADRO нажмите чтобы прочитать больше purchaser use another box that has the same size and sturdiness.

Портмоне Piquadro

Return Портмоне PIQUADRO made with methods other than those specified above, the only ones authorised, will not be accepted. Products cannot be returned following withdrawal with costs borne by the recipient.

Once the return has arrived at destination, Piquadro will Портмоне PIQUADRO the legitimacy of the return and once correctness of the operations has been checked, продолжить will send the user a confirmation email.

The amount paid will be charged back through the system with which payment was Портмоне PIQUADRO. The chargeback usually is made within 14 days from Портмоне PIQUADRO Piquadro is notified of the withdrawal and when Piquadro has received the product returned by the purchaser, whichever is later.

Piquadro S. In any case, the logical and physical security of the data and, in general, the confidentiality of the personal data processed по этой ссылке be guaranteed by taking all technical and organisational measures necessary to guarantee their security.


B Purpose of the processing the personal data will undergo and relevant legal basis. The granting of data for the purposes explained in foregoing section ii is optionalwith the consequence that you may decide to not give your consent, or to revoke Портмоне PIQUADRO at any time.

For Портмоне PIQUADRO purposes explained in the foregoing paragraph, Портмоне PIQUADRO personal data you have given Портмоне PIQUADRO be disclosed or made accessible:. The complete and updated list of the Data Портмоне PIQUADRO can be received by sending a request in writing to the address privacy piquadro.

The personal data collected for the purposes explained under foregoing paragraph B Портмоне PIQUADRO be processed and stored for the time necessary to fulfil Портмоне PIQUADRO purposes and however for a period no longer than 24 months from the date we receive your consent.

Info Covid бесплатная доставка Возврат в течение 30 дней.


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Macau SAR China. General contract conditions. Privacy policy.

Кошельки и портмоне

A Identity and contact information of the Controller Piquadro S. Your personal data will not be transferred or disclosed. E Period of storage of the personal data The personal data collected for the purposes explained under foregoing paragraph B shall Портмоне PIQUADRO processed and stored посмотреть еще the time necessary to fulfil said purposes and however for a period no longer than 24 months from the date we receive your consent.

After Портмоне PIQUADRO storage period has elapsed, the data will be destroyed or made anonymous. Unable Портмоне PIQUADRO geolocate.

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