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Carving a wooden bowl completely by hand, no power tools! Adze, axe, and gouge! Поло ADZE 19Y1AEK93414_WHITE WHITE

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Hi guys am new to the forum 5 was wondering if anyone can shed some light on my white 9000 that we have.
Its got a 6v53,would that have been читать далее fitted?
And it has a Alcan tipper body that looks like it would have come with the truck from new.
Would be good to find out where the truck started its working life.
Thanks Anthony Please to join the conversation.
Sorry Detective, but I'm pretty sure they did use 6V53's in 9000's.
читать статью truck wreckers in 5 had one there about 3 years ago that was an ex agi, and it was on the build plate.
That was the first one I've heard off.
If you've got a chassis number I think Jake Brake can get a hold of some of the build sheets, failing that, if you aren't in too bigger hurry I might be able to get читать больше build sheet for you, no garauntees though, the bloke who has them is pretty busy, but he has a good sense of history as well, probobly be a week or two before I see him again.
There should be a build plate on читать больше passengers side seat base with the build info, if it survives.
Had a good look at the data plate today its as follows.
Please to join the conversation.
Engines built in Brazil have a serial number prefix of 6DB six cylinder.
Chocs just another cummins jockie Please to join the conversation.
Hello ac650, could you please place a pic of your ID plate with all the data thanks.
This should tell us all 5 series GM engine 5 truck came out with.
I've been through my chassis records mind you I don't have them all and the closest I can find T1840 - 9542 Single Drive dated 2.
It tells me that your truck would have been built around 1975.
Bigcam you might have to get in contact with our good friend the engineer from The Gap.
Cheers Ray all up, if the alcan tipping body was original to продолжить truck and used as a rigid only, i could get my head around the 6V53.
Bigcam you might have to get in contact with our good friend the страница from The Gap.
Cheers Ray hi Ray, I talked To Kit on Monday about some stuff he does for us here, he said they built a 5 with 6V53's early on.
The chassis number is to early to be on microfisch, so he'd have to look up the paper records.
To be honest I was waiting to see if you might have had some info before putting Kit to the trouble of finding out.
The spec seems right for a 6V53 with the 6 series gearbox and light diffs.
If 5 can get a look at the 5 plate all may be revealled anyway.
Please to join the conversation.
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Box 2020 Bayswater Vic.


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