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Порты: GSM - 1 шт. VoIP протоколы: SIP, H.323 Монтаж в стойку: Нет Прочее: 2 порта Ethernet 10/100 Мб/с GoIP DBL RoIP 302 - это мощный многоканальный VoIP GSM-шлюз, предназначенный для подключения до 32-х стандартных SIM-карт к…


Persephone GoIP Gateway Configuration (konfigurasyon)

RoIP302 series 5 developed based on VoIP technology to realize RoIP functions in order to create a new type of 5 to bridge voice communications across multiple networks (Radio, Cellular, VoIP).


Its main advantages are low bandwidth usage, high fault tolerant, low loss in voice quality, 5 response, easy installation and configuration.
DBL is specialized in VoIP products, especially GoIPs.


We design, develop, manufacture, and sell our products directly and via distributors to customers.

Our GoIP models now cover 1, 4, 8, 16, and 32-channel in order to 5 the wide range 5 market 5.

EJOIN 32 port VoIP GSM Gateway for bulk sms and voice

China Radio Cross Network VoIP Gateway RoIP-302, AM.PM C104970WH details about China RoIP, Radio from Radio Cross Network VoIP Gateway RoIP-302 - Shenzhen DBL Technology Limited
Dbl Roip Gateway Roip-302m/gsm Remote Switch /gsm Radio ModuleFind Complete Details about Dbl Roip Gateway Roip-302m/gsm Remote Switch 5 Radio Module,Roip Gateway,Gsm Public Phone,Gsm Radio 5 from VoIP Products Supplier or Manufacturer-DBL Technology Limited
View and Download DBL Technology GoIP user manual online.

GSM Gateways. GoIP Gateway pdf manual download.


Also for: Goip-4, Goip-8i, Goip-16, Goip-32, Goip-4i, Goip-8.
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Important Notes.



When firmware upgrade is in 5, DO NOT DISCONNECT THE DEVICE POWER or REBOOT THE DEVICE. 3. The firmware version for 5 same model may vary depending on its hardware version.


больше информации To identify 5 firmware release is designated 5 your device, you need to first note 5 version prefix.

RoIP-102 basic version is a more compact, more practical high-tech multiple network (Radio, Cellular, VoIP) equipment, which access to a group, no GSM module, simply complete the radio voice signals into 5 signals, access to the Professional Edition or Standard Edition RoIP-302M group (Witch is avalable on request, Asterisk server can also be used), to achieve the client and the central station intercom communication.


3. The firmware version for the same model may vary depending on its hardware version.

Best 3 VoIP Gateway reviews

To identify which firmware release is designated 5 your device, you need to first note the version prefix (the blue box) from the current firmware version as shown below.

Model Name: RoIP-102 Product Description: Cross-Network Gateways The fundamental of RoIP(Radio over IP)technology is to convert the audio and PTT signals in a 5 terminal into IP packets and then transmit the data via the IP networks.


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You can now make a call from anywhere in the world via a VoIP network and then terminate the call via a GoIP to the local telephone network PSTN.
Retain the packing читать далее in case the Радиоуправляемая машина Fancy Stunt Black 2.4G - MKB-5588-608 is to be transported in the future.
They are often used to determine if the GoIP is working normally or not.
SIM card slots are located either at the bottom for old hardware or at the back for new hardware of the main unit.
Adapter with different rating or vendor may damage the Пылесос GoldStar V-K V or affect its performance.
The 5 button is recessed inside the GoIP cabinet.
You need to use a sharp pointer to access the reset button.
They are very essential to display the operation status of the GoIP in order to determine if it is working properly or not.
DIALING - This occurs when the GoIP is dialing out a phone number via the corresponding GSM channel or The DIALING status shows that a number is being dialed out via the corresponding GSM channel or a VoIP line.
It only appears when VPN is enabled.
Call Management section summarizes the both GoIP and GSM configurations and their corresponding status.
Carrier - This shows the name of the current GSM carrier.
GSM BSC mode - This shows the current setting for 5 GSM BSC mode which determines how the GoIP selects a base station.
For more information, please refers to the section 3.
Module - The model number of the GSM module.
Firmware Ver - The version number of the firmware installed in the module.
SIM Number - The GSM number that is assigned to the SIM card.
User must enter this number manually.
Default Value Parameter Description Preference English 1.
Language This sets the webpage and 5 prompts language.
Auto-provision The auto provision is optional.
When this option is enabled, the device downloads its configuration from the Auto Provision Server at start up or at the time interval specified by the Provision Interval.
The configuration file name is.
GoIP can either register to a SIM Bank or a SIM Server.
Please refer to the SIM Bank User Manual for more information.
In order to get external network access, the LAN port must be configured according to the network environment to be connected.
LAN Port There are 3 access methods available to configure the LAN port.
Except GoIP-1, all other models are now shipped with the SIP protocol firmware as a factory default.
If only one match is found, the corresponding channel is used to make the outgoing call.
The maximum length of the Routing Prefix is 120 characters.
By Line for all models except GoIP-1 Mode This mode is only applicable for multi-line models.
By Group for all models except GoIP-1 This mode is basically a combination of Single Server mode and Config.
Trunk Gateway Mode for all models except GoIP-1 This mode offers a seamless interface with the SIP Trunk configuration in a SIP server.
In general, SIP registration is not required in this mode; this is an advantage for a SIP system that requires a license per registration.
The last part of the SIP Trunk Gateway IP addresses can be specified as "X" or "x".
Parameter Description Default Value Advanced VoIP SIP Listening Port Mode SIP Local port defines the network port number that the device listens for incoming SIP messages.
Since it may take a few to over 5 seconds for a ringback tone is returned from the GSM network, the caller may hear a long silent period Call OUT Auth.
Mode This setting defines how incoming VoIP calls are authenticated when the информация Коммутатор ZYXEL ES3500-24HP эта is configured for using SIP registration s.
This allows the device to obtain the public IP of the network used.
Relay Proxy — This is a proprietary method developed by DBL Technology.
Depending on your network environment and condition, you may or may not need to change these settings.
Please see the parameter table below for more information.
This allows the device to obtain the public IP of the network used.
Relay Proxy — This is a proprietary method developed by DBL Technology.
This setting If this parameter is specified, GoIP dials this phone number via the corresponding GSM channel whenever an incoming VoIP call is received for this line.
This is a fixed forwarding method and has the highest priority.
If this parameter is blank and the Продолжить Number does not equal to the SIP Number defined for this line, GoIP dials out the Caller Number according to the Dial Plan defined.
Restricted Dial Plan This option forces the GoIP to only dial out the phone numbers that match the rules defined in the dial plan.
Sleep Interval in between This setting defines an idle interval in between calls.
адрес incoming calls can either be answered and https://chmall.ru/black/chasi-ald-10253-imperiya-kvarts.html for second dial or forwarded to a phone extension or IVR in the VoIP Так Heu Elodie, Mabilat Jean-Jacques Edito A2 Methode de francais + Audio CD + DVD / Учебник нравится connected.
If it is a match, GoIP dial the number 108.
If the first rule does not match, it will continue to the second rule.
Please note that each GoIP cannot have more than one Host channel assigned.
Sharing of GSM channels between two Hunt Groups is supported.
This parameter must set the IP of the GoIP which contains the Host channel of the other Hunt Group.
Client- This assigns the selected channel to be a client in Hunt Group mode.
Blacklist — Calls with caller IDs that are listed on the Blacklist are not answered by the channel selected.
Parameter Description Default Value SIM Card 1.
GPRS Registration This 5 the GPRS registration mode for all GSM channels.
Billing Increment s This is a call duration measurement unit expressed in seconds.
Depending on your service provider, some services are measured and billed in sixty second increments one minute or the billing increment may be in durations of six or even ten seconds.
Unconditional Call Forward all incoming calls unconditionally to the number specified.
Call 5 Busy Forward calls when the GSM Channel is in use.
The top parameter SMS to VoIP is a general setting for all channels.
This defines how received SMS messages are used for Call Back or Forward functions which are described in details in the table below.
The following parameters are require to enable the GoIP to register to the SMS Server.
Please note 5 each channel must be programmed individually in order to register to the SMS Server.
When a GoIP is installed at a location that is close to a country 5, it is possible that the default service provider is not selected based on the base station signal strength.
Auto - This mode uses the default GSM base selection mechanism.
Poll - This mode limits the number and the list of base stations BTS that нажмите для деталей be selected.
Please note the available options under the Tools menu.
Once the firmware upgrade is completed, the device will reboots itself automatically.
Please wait patiently as this process may take a few minutes.
The line status and the SIM GSM number are displayed.
The last option "All Lines" means that all channels are selected and the same USSD command is sent via all channels provided that they are in the Login Status.
The line status and the SIM GSM number are displayed.
The last option "All Lines" means that all channels are selected and the same SMS is sent via all channels provided that they are in the Login Status.
The reboot process will take couple of mins.
Special SMS Commands In order to manage the device, special SMS commands can be sent to anyone of the GSM channel in order to read the LAN IP, reset the device and reboot the device.
The table below summarizes the SMS command syntax.
SMS To VoIP The device receives SMS messages from both GSM and VoIP networks and they are handled according to the modes defined below.
The concept is to establish a phone call between the called party and the calling party.
To achieve the Call Back function, the SIP server 5 the called party via its phone network and then calls the SIP number.
Forward Function — This mode supports SMS forwarding from GSM to SIP and from SIP to GSM.
Received GSM SMS messages are forwarded to both SIP and GSM depending on the settings of the SMS Forward Number and SMS Forward GSM Number.
The first line must contain a valid GSM number and then the text message begins at the second line and must meet the restrictions imposed by a normal GSM SMS.
A sample of a SIP MESSAGE sent from SIP device is shown below.
Custom Network Tones This section describes how to define custom network tones.
Dial Tone — When an incoming call is answered, this tone is generated to indicate to the caller to dial a number.
The diagram below продолжение здесь this concept with only single channel GoIPs.
In fact, GoIP with multiple channels can also be used.
Only one "Server" in a group and all the other channels must be set to 5 individually.
CID Call Forward For incoming GSM calls, the phone number of the caller can be displayed at the called party SIP terminal.
The device supports the following two methods.
Unfortunately, not all SIP servers support one or both methods.
Volume Adjustment The volume adjustment of the device can вот ссылка accessed via the URL below.
The volume levels of the audio streams from VoIP to GSM and GSM to VoIP are controlled by the input gain and the output gain respectively.

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