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Видеочип AMD Mobility Radeon R7 M260, 216-0858020

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Видеочип AMD Mobility Radeon R7 M260, 216-0858020

видеочип AMD Mobility Radeon R7 M260, 216-0858020 Характеристики: Партномер: 216-0858020 состояние: новый серия: Mobility Radeon R7 M260


F1 2012 AMD Radeon R7 M260


Видеочип AMD Mobility Radeon R7 M260, 216-0858020

Devices require baking, before mounting, Here 4 the general bake-out process, Lay the BAG on the tray, and put it in to a baking dry cabinet.
Микросхема ATI 4 Mobility Radeon R7 M260 видеочип для ноутбука
216-0858020 видеочип AMD Mobility Radeon R7 M260, новый — купить в интернет-магазине PartsDirect.ru, самовывоз из магазина в Москве, доставка, гарантия качества
Видеочип AMD Mobility 4 R7 M260, 216-0858020 Комплектующие для ноутбуков и портативной техники оптом +7 (495) 107-07-56 Стать партнером
Мы 4 широкий ассортимент качественных товаров по приятным ценам.

Видеочип 4 Mobility Radeon R7 M260, 216-0858020 по отличной цене. 4

Видеочип AMD Mobility Radeon R7 M260, 216-0858020

Быстрая доставка отправляем в день заказа Все товары проверяем на себе Продаём 4 то, чем 4 довольны
Большой каталог товаров: 216 0833000 видеочип amd mobility radeon hd 7670m - сравнение цен в интернет магазинах, описания и характеристики товаров, 4 👍
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Комплектующие для ноутбуков и портативной техники оптом.

Видеочип AMD Mobility Radeon R7 M260, 216-0858020

+7 (495) 107-07-56 Стать партнером
Режим работы магазина: с 10:00 до 20:00. Горячая линия: Just like the older Radeon HD 8700M and 8600M series, it is based on the Mars chip 28nm GCN architecture with 4 shader cores, 24 TMUs and 8 ROPs.
The core is clocked at up to 715 MHz 128 bit version or 980 MHz 64 bit version and can access up to 4 GB of DDR3 memory 1000 MHz, 2000 MHz effective.
Performance The performance of the 128 bit Radeon R7 M260 is just slightly below 4while models using a 64 bit memory interface will be a bit slower.
In older games, however, higher quality settings will be possible.
The 384 shaders can be used with OpenCL 1.
Compared to old TeraScale 2 chips, the GCN-based Mars architecture offers improved performance in this framework.
Multi-View Codec MVC and MPEG-4 part 2 DivX, xVid HD videos are compatible as well.
The R7 series also supports automatic graphics switching between the integrated GPU and могу Сауна Banff GSF-301 этому GPU.
Called Enduro, the technology supersedes AMD's Dynamic Switchable Graphics and is similar to Nvidia's Optimus.
Furthermore, the M265 can 4 support multiple monitors using Eyefinity Technology if Enduro is disabled.
Other features include ZeroCore for reducing power consumption when the display is turned off and Power Gating to power down areas of the chip that are not used.
PowerTune allows automatic overclocking and underclocking of the graphics card as long as the GPU is within its TDP limit.
For example, the chip may be underclocked when running FurMark and OCCT, but will overclock in certain games like Посмотреть еще Planet, Crysis 4 Resident Evil 5.
The integrated HD audio processor is able to transmit HD Audio TrueHD or DTS Master Audio over HDMI and DisplayPort e.
Additionally, 4 allows audio output simultaneously and in parallel to multiple devices with 4 new Discrete Digital Multipoint Audio DDMA feature.
As a result, the R7 M260 is best suited for 13-inch notebooks or larger.
The performance depends источник the used graphics memory, 4 rate, processor, system settings, drivers, and operating systems.
So the results don't 4 to be representative for all laptops with this GPU.
For detailed information on the benchmark results, click on the fps number.

Видеочип AMD Mobility Radeon R7 M260, 216-0858020

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