Душевая дверь Vegas EAF EAF 76 09 05--> 100--> Канальный кондиционер Mitsubishi Heavy Industries FDUM71VD / FDC71VN (FDUM71VNV)

Канальный кондиционер Mitsubishi Heavy Industries FDUM71VD / FDC71VN (FDUM71VNV)

Канальный кондиционер Mitsubishi Heavy Industries FDUM71VD / FDC71VN (FDUM71VNV)

обогрев и охлаждение;режим вентиляции, поддержания температуры, приточной вентиляции;мощность охлаждения 7100 Вт / обогрева 8000 Вт;управление с пульта;уровень шума внутреннего блока 29 дБ - 35 дБ


View and Download Mitsubishi Heavy Industries FDTC40ZIXVD data book online. STANDARD INVERTER PACKAGED AIR-CONDITIONERS. FDTC40ZIXVD Air Conditioner pdf manual.


Total pipe length (m): 50: Height difference between outdoor unit (above) indoor unit (m): 30: Height difference between outdoor unit (below) and indoor unit (m):
Mitsubishi FDUM71VF ducted system can fitted with a 3 outlet spigot to enable 3 rooms to be cooled or heated as required.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries FDT125VT/FDC125VN 12.5kw ceiling cassette system.
Air conditioner Mitsubishi Heavy Industries FDEN140VF (1)/FDC140VN (S).

Air conditioner Mitsubishi Heavy SRK/SRC71ZM-S Split systems, Wall mounted.
View trade pricing and product data for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (HRP), FDC280KXZPE1 Condensing Unit, 2 Pipe Heat Pump Lite, VRF Outdoor Units, 2 Pipe Heat Pump.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries FDT125VT/FDC125VN 12.5kw Ceiling Cassette System chmall.ru | discount portable air conditioning, fixed air conditioning, easy install air conditioning.

Model FDC155KXEN6: R410a Inverter Btu/h (5Tons) VRF Condenser Unit Sound Performance for FDC155KXEN6 Cooling Sound Performance for FDC155KXEN6 Heating Notes Other Notes The data are measured under the following conditions (ISO-T1).

Cooling: Indoor temp. of 27°CDB, 19°CWB, and outdoor temp. of 35°CDB.

Mitsubishi Ducted System FDUM71VF1

страница Us. AirVic Pty Ltd is a Australian owned and operated company, supplying wholesale air conditioning products.

AirVic are the state distributors in Victoria of the Panasonic, Accent Air and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries range of commercial and residential air conditioners.
Heat pump systems 10, 12HP (28.0kW, 33.5kW) Specifications Number of connectable indoor units Capacity connection Refrigerant piping size Sound pressure level Refrigerant charge Net weight Exterior dimensions characteristics Nominal capacity Power source Nominal horse power Gas line Liquid line Cooling/Heating R410A HxWxD Max.


8.1kW / 7.1kW. Our Concealed SEZ71 heat pump unit is conveniently hidden in the ceiling cavity with only the grilles visible. Perfect if you have a bulkhead or lowered ceiling.

This unit is ideal if you are looking to discreetly heat a large area. Upgraded with a Deluxe PAR wired Controller, with backlit LCD display and user-friendly menus.

An anchor bolt must not Service valve connection gas side 12.
Service valve connection liquid side 6.
An anchor bolt must not Service valve connection gas side 15.
Service valve connection liquid side 9.
Service valve connection gas side 15.
An anchor bolt must not Service взято отсюда connection liquid side 9.
An anchor bolt must not Service valve connection of the 19.
Symbol Content 2 The unit must be fixed with anchor bolts.
An anchor must not Service valve connection of the protrude more than 15mm.
Exposed mounting In case of pulling out In case of pulling out from upper left.
Square duct blower intermalresistance.
Operating temperature range When used below -5˚C, install a snow hood option.
Considering to get sufficient heating capacity, the area where the averaged lowest ambient area to install air temperature in day time нажмите чтобы узнать больше winter is above 0˚C, and it has no accumulation of snow.
Height difference between the indoor unit and outdoor unit in the vertical height difference Adjustment coefficient.
Make sure to install the indoor unit horizontally.
Confirm the Work procedure Drain tes levelness of the indoor unit with a gauge or transparent 1.
Connect the terminal of r Read together with indoor unit's installation manual.
When shipped, the range of set te Connect the terminal of remote controller X,Y Upper case Upper case Board Board Heating : 16 ~ 30˚C 55 ~ 86˚F.
Upper case Heating : 16 ~ 30˚C 55 ~ 86˚F Except heating cooling, fan, dry, automatic : 18 ~ 30˚C 62 ~ 86˚F Upper limit and lower limit of set temperature can be changed with remote controller.
Operation message How to set function nit.
Function description: No.
Stop air-conditioner and press SET MODE setting description: buttons at the same time for over three seconds, and the flow setting "FUNCTION SET ".
A place where strong wind wi If air enters in the refrigerant circuit, the pressure in the refrigerant This may cause fire or heating.
A REFRIGERANT USED unit Кабельная бухта Belden UTP 5e, 305м (1583ENH.00U305) for R410A has adopted a different size indoor unit operation valve charge port and a different size check joint provided in the unit to prevent the charging of a wrong refrigerant by mistake.
The processed dimension of the flared part of a refrigerant pipe and a flare nut's parallel side measurement have also been altered to raise strength pressure.
The protrusion of an anchor bolt on the front side must be kept within 15 mm.
Securely install the unit so that it does not fall over during earthquakes or strong winds, etc.
CAUTION Do not apply force beyond proper fastening torque in tightening the flare nut.
Always use a three-core cable for a Fix both liquid and gas operation valves at the valve main bodies as illustrated on the right, and then fasten them, applying appropriate fastening torque.
Bundle a heat insulating material and a pipe tightly together so that no gaps may be left between them and wrap them Gas piping together with a connecting cable by a dressing tape.
The specifications shown in the above table are for units without heaters.
For units with heaters, refer to the installation instructions or the construction instructions of the indoor unit.
Grounding terminal Switchgear or Circuit breaker capacity which is calculated from MAX.
Select a branching pipe set correctly rated for the combined total capacity of connected indoor units and install it according this manual.
An improperly installed branching pipe set can cause degraded performance or an abnormal unit stop.
Outdoor unit model Indoor unit model Branching pipe.
Use the procedure shown in Item c to calculate the combined operating characteristics.
See page 94 b Ceiling suspended type FDEN.
See page 96 2 Outdoor units.
See page 105 3 Remote controller Option parts.
See page 110 2.
Caution Ceiling surface DO NOT install it on the following places.
Caution Ceiling surface DO NOT install it on the following places.
Select a method according to the installation position.
A Direct installation onto the ceiling with wood screws.
Restrictions on the thickness and length of wire As for the size, refer to the following note.
FAN SPEED button Button to set the fan speed TEMP button Use to raise the setting как сообщается здесь />Read together with indoor unit's installation manual.
WARNING Screw Fasten the wiring to the terminal securely and hold the cable securely so as not to apply unexpected stress on the />Be careful about contact failure.
No polarity of X and Y 100 - 200m 0.
Be sure to pressure ducts.
Remove the front panel 11 pcs of tapping screws.
Remove the fan blade if necessary.
Fix the heater with 4 brackets.
Reassemble the fan blade.
Take care to align the D-cut of motor shaft and the fan blade.

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